Hemp Oil Tincture & CBD capsule - The Best Way to Control Anxiety & Depression

 Can you believe that the nation, which legalized medical marijuana also legalizes CBD? That's right; the Obama Administration has designated CBD as a Schedule II drug. Schedule II drugs are considered to have no recognized medical use. As such, there are no controls over how the CBD may be used or whether it may be purchased for medical purposes. However, there are many success stories related to CBD.


Recently, in a joint FDA/ USDA workshop on "growing cannabis," the agency recognized CBD as a "potential" plant product. This is despite the fact that CBD is available in only a few areas of the country. So what makes CBD so special? It has been found that CBD is the psychoactive component in cannabis that produces the "high," or "trip" associated with marijuana. In contrast, THC, the compound which is the active ingredient in cannabis, is not a psychoactive substance at all. However, CBD is quite potent in this regard.

It is believed that CBD mimics the effects of THC by binding to and inhibiting the receptors for THC. When THC is present in the system, the body does not respond as it normally would when a THC molecule is present. This is because CBD does not have any binding affinity with the human body's Cannabis receptors. Consequently, it prevents the body from taking in THC, at least when CBD is present. Some experts feel that the lack of a bind with the Cannabis receptors accounts for the fact that many people do not feel high when ingesting CBD, while others report a "high" or heightened feelings of well-being when CBD is present.

Another advantage of CBD is that it is obtained from hemp, a natural source that is believed to be highly beneficial as compared to the pharmaceuticals in which many major chemicals are derived. While the use of CBD may be subject to regulation at the state level, CBD oil is not yet legal in many places. Therefore, you may obtain CBD without a prescription in states where the use of hemp is not yet legal. Nevertheless, CBD has been shown to reduce the seizures suffered by children suffering from epilepsy.

In addition to CBD, some manufacturers are incorporating hemp into their formulations as an added benefit to their products. Currently, there is no evidence that demonstrates the beneficial uses of CBD other than for the relief of symptoms associated with some illnesses. For example, researchers have found that some people with HIV/AIDS report improvement in their symptoms as a result of adding CBD to their drugs. Researchers believe that this effect is caused by the CBD allowing more oxygen to reach the lungs and thus improving air circulation. As noted, however, this effect may only be short term and CBD should not be considered a cure-all for HIV/AIDS. A better approach may be taken in treating HIV/AIDS with an improved antiviral treatment, coupled with therapy using CBD oil or other natural means.

It should be noted that while it is possible to legally buy CBD products in some states such as Colorado, the possession of CBD remains illegal under most other circumstances. Even though it is not a widely used psychoactive substance, it is still considered by many to be an illegal drug. Many individuals, even when confronted by reality, choose to disregard the illegality of the CBD but the consequences can be deadly. If you decide to take and for any reason, whether for your own medicinal purposes or because of someone else's recommendation, please be sure to consult with a professional before doing so.

To date, there are very limited scientific studies conducted on the benefits of CBD. While the lack of evidence does not necessarily mean that CBD is ineffective, it is important to realize that there has been a very little scientific study done on the subject. While some research has been done on CBD and its effects on AIDS patients, the vast majority has been either performed by those who profit from CBD or by those who are aware of the risks of CBD and the need to avoid taking anything without a doctor's approval. Those who promote the use of CBD products claim that the extracts in CBD oil tinctures and capsules are the answer to many ailments. Those who sell CBD products often point out that they have extracted CBD from plants like the passionflower, which is used by native people in countries around the world for medicinal purposes.

The primary beneficial effect of CBD comes from the fact that it counteracts the harmful effects of highly effective neuroleptic drugs like Xanax and Klonopin. Taking CBD will effectively put a halt to feelings of anxiety, panic attacks. Since CBD is a powerful neuroleptic, CBD is able to prevent the serotonin system in our brains from being overly stimulated and can therefore reduce both the frequency and the severity of those feelings. If you suffer from serious anxiety and/or chronic depression and need help, you might want to try both hemp oil tinctures and CBD capsules. With a little bit of research, you'll likely discover that CBD is your best option when trying to control your anxiety and depression.